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   Memory Work is an exhibition of paintings by 2019 Heimark Artist-in-Residence, Renold Laurent, a Haitian artist based in Boston. Through these paintings he examines how different materials, from oil and acrylic paint to coffee grounds, enter into artistic dialogue with one another and make new meanings across space and time. By transforming materials that he finds in his local surroundings, he draws attention to how the artistic imagination can compensate for the economic limitations many people have in acquiring or buying material objects in the first place. 

Abstraction et Expression



Individual Exhibitions

2019 - Individual Exhibition, “Memory Work” Gallery at the Center for the Study of Slavery & Justice; February 15, 2019 - May 10, 2019. 

2018 - Individual Exhibition, Mary L. Fifield Gallery at Bunker Hill Community College; Boston, MA; May 21–July 27.


2015 - Individual Exhibition at the Brazil/Haiti Cultural Center; Petionville, Haiti; April 10–30.


2014 - Individual Exhibition at the Casa del Joven Creador; Santiago, Cuba; July 3–12.

2008-  Individual Exhibition, Centre d’Art, Port-au-Prince, Haiti; April 25–May 9.    


2006-  Individual Exhibition at the French Cultural Center; Jacmel, Haiti; April 28–May 5.   

Group Exhibitions


2017-   Group Exhibition, “Haiti aux Grands Voisins,” organized by Haiti Futur and Haiti Action Artistes; Paris, France; June 21–25. 

2013-  Group Exhibition, “Haitian Art in Transit,” Logan Airport; Boston, MA; January–March.

2012-  Group Exhibition, “Mémoire d’une ville imaginaire,” Nantes, France; January–February.            


2005-  Group Exhibition, “Tendance de la jeune peinture haïtienne,” the Haitian Art Museum; Port- au-Prince, Haiti; May–September.   


2002-  Group Exhibition at the Watercolor International Biennal, The Watercolor Museum; Mexico City, Mexico; November–December.


1998-  1st prize in a painting contest organized by the French Cultural Center to commemorate the city of Jacmel's 300th anniversary; March.    

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